Eugenia Topiary Care

Eugenia Topiary Care

Family: Myrtaceae

Common Name: Bush Cherry, Eugenia Topiary

Botanical name: Eugenia myrtifolia, Syzygium paniculatum

Imagine having a miniature boxwood garden in your home giving you the feeling of luxury and timeless elegance. Eugenia is a species that can grow indoors and with the right care, and pruning will create that sought after manicured english garden vibe! Its glossy leaves and fun poodle-tail form love a brightly lit room, high humidity levels. The most important thing to get right is their watering needs!

Learn how to care for and grow this elegant Myrtle:

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Eugenia need at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight a day and without it will begin to drop leaves and decline in health. This is not an indoor plant that can tolerate low light and it will let you know almost immediately. They are grown in full sun outdoors and need light to grow new leaves and to maintain its shape.

Direct sunlight can burn the delicate leaves, so it should be avoided as these plants are grown in greenhouses and are use to indirect light, but lots of it!


Eugenia myrtifolia prefers more damp conditions. Let the soil slightly dry out between watering. When it is time to water, saturate the soil until the water drains through the grow pot. Falling  leaves are an indication the plant is too dry and needs more water.


Average room temperature is good for Eugenia myrtifolia. As a tropical plant, anything between 65 - 85 degrees is ideal. These topiaries are cold hardy and can tolerate temperatures down in the 40’s, but it is not a good idea to keep them cool for long periods of time as this will impede leaf growth.


Humid environments are ideal for all Eugenia houseplants. These plants thrive in humid conditions, but with the use of a humidifier or evaporation tray, these houseplants can live in drier areas or climates.


Fertilize your Eugenia during the growing season to promote new growth. Use a diluted complete liquid fertilizer or seaweed or fish emulsion. When repotting, the soil can be amended with worm castings to provide increased nutrition, but do not fertilize when the plant is not actively growing.

Growth Rate

Eugenia myrtifolia is a moderate to fast grower and with the right care and conditions can reach 4’+ in height and width!

Pet Friend or Foe

These indoor plants are Toxic to pets! Foe

Pro Tips 

  1. Finding the right balance of soil dampness can sometimes be hard for first-time Eugenia owners. These plants certainly like consistently damp soil, but over-watering should still be avoided. Placing the plant in an area with increased indirect light can help the soil dry out and regulate the soil dampness.
  2. Pruning your Eugenia Topiares will help keep their form and size. Prune them with sharp garden scissors and make sure you disinfect the blades beforehand!
  3. Routinely wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Cleaning the leaves helps the plant more efficiently conduct photosynthesis and keeps it looking amazing.

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