Nov 8, 2019

5 Creative Ideas for Decorating Grow Pots for Indoor Plants

You might or might not know that most houseplants are sold in plastic nursery pots (grow pots), and as much as these pots are perfect for growing plants, they are not exactly the most eye catching. Have you have ever bought a bunch of new indoor plants and wondered what you can do to beautify these pots without spending a lot of money?   Just get out the glue gun, find anything remotely glueable, and get crafty. It's time to spruce up your indoor plant decor!

There are quite a few ways that you can dress up your plants for the short or long term.  Remember that grow pots have drainage holes, so you are going to need a saucer, plate or tray to keep the water from seeping on to your tables or floors!

Check out the video on grow pots!


  1. Put a skirt on it! 

If you have an old t-shirt, scarf, pillowcase -- you catch my drift -- you can resurrect these items into the cutest little plant covers.  Cut the fabric to size, and either glue or sew it around the pot.  Cut the fabric just above the bottom of the pot in order to keep it dry



  1. Use toys or game pieces.

if you take a minute to scrape the bottom of your child’’s toy box, closet floor, or (if you dare) under the bed, you will undoubtedly find one or two (or a hundred) game pieces or small, unused toys.  Rummage through and pull out anything you can imagine glueing to your plastic plant pot.  You can use dice, wood building blocks, puzzle pieces, almost anything that suits your taste.



  1. Put on sock on it!

Don’t stress about not being able to find that lost sock because your odd one now has a new job.  Call it plant leggings, stockings, or stretch plant pants -- they all are going to get the work done quickly and with some style.  Cut off the foot of the sock, and pull it up just over the lip of the grow pot.  You may need a little glue to hold it in place, but this a great, easy way to dress up that boring, plastic pot.



  1. A setting for one.


Sometimes our dinner guests don’t have the best table manners and leave our placemats looking like they were in the middle of a high school cafeteria food fight.  Instead of trying in vain to get rid of the stains, consider making these mats into a few plant cozies!  Measure the height of the pot and cut the place mat to size.  Simply wrap the mat around the pot and glue in place.  Sturdier placemats can be cut a little lower so the plant will sit taller!




  1. Don’t get roped into boring pots!


Winding rope, twine, jute, or ribbon around your indoor plant pots is a fast way to decorate and display your houseplants.  The basket-like look is quick and easy to achieve.  Simply adhere the end of the twine to the top edge of the pot, and continue to spin it around until you reach the bottom.  When done, apply a little dab of glue to the end and, voila! Instant pot cover!


These are just a few ways to turn your drab cover pots into trend-setting houseplant accessories! Let your imagination go wild!


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