8 Best Holiday Indoor Plant Gift Ideas!

You might think a soft-bellied puppy would be the perfect gift for someone you love, but let’s be a little more realistic and choose something that requires just a little less maintenance but still makes us feel warm and fuzzy!

Indoor plants can be the best living gifts, but it helps if you choose the right ones for the right people. It is not instinctual or expected that you will know the perfect plant to gift, but this houseplant gift guide will give you the confidence you need, and might also keep you from sending your BFF a Newfoundland puppy!

Flowering Anthurium for Sale

1. Flowering Anthurium (Flamingo Flower)

Bring on the holiday colors, well at least, green, red and white, and mix in a little pink, coral and purple for your own festive flair! These incredibly hardy houseplants flower throughout the year and are perfect presents for people who like a punch of color without having it dominate the space! Remember that most flowering plants like brightly lit environments so be sure to send these Flamingo Flowers to someone who can provide the right light. Although, these plants will last a long time in darker spaces and will certainly outlast any cut flower!

Water these indoor plants when the soil is dry to the touch, but no worries, if you forget a watering or two, they will forgive you. Anthurium is a long-lasting alternative to Poinsettia and they also don't take up as much space, leaving you ample room to decorate in your holiday style!

Snake plant Misty Star for Sale

2. Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

If you want to make an impression but not a declaration of love then give someone a Snake Plant. These robust and stately foliage plants are perfect gifts because they do not need frequent watering and they can live in a wide range of light levels. Sansevieria is like a living sculpture. Species like Black Coral grow tall and narrow making them excellent centerpieces for your tables. Birds Nest species are like little green flowers and remain compact. Perfect for office bathrooms, or side tables.

Hoya for Sale

3. Hoya

Let that friend who always inspires and motivates you know what they mean to you by gifting them a Hoya. The leafy vines of the Hoya tumble over tabletops to reach and climb ever upward. The on-the-move Hoya also adds a burst of color all year. The vibrant green foliage thrives in indirect light, but increase the light exposure for the Tricolor Hoya to bring out pink variegation in the leaves. The Hoya Hindu Rope grows rope-like vines, as the name suggests, and delicate flowers will bloom if given just the right lighting. Hoyas are incredibly easy in terms of care and only need to be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

ZZ Plant for Sale

4. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

ZZ plants are show-stoppers and make a great gift for that absent-minded friend or anyone nervous about caring for a plant. The broad dark green leaves have a waxy look that reflects light, ensuring every side is their good side. These leaves are part of the reason why ZZ plants are so easy to care for. These drought-tolerant plants store water in those large leaves, and they can do just fine if your loved one happens to miss a watering or two or three.

Indirect light is a must, however, ZZ houseplants can handle low to bright indirect light. ZZ plants are slow growers and will be perfectly at home in their pot for a long time to come.

Dracaena for Sale

5. Dracaena

Dracaena is all about drama, but the good kind. The statuesque and stately Dracaena comes in many varieties, and every single one is easy to care for, yet does not compromise when it comes to style.

The Janet Craig Compacta features lush greenery that raises to a point creating a bouquet of broad, flat leaves. The tree-like Dracaena Moonlight boasts variegated leaves to add dimension while the compact size makes this houseplant ideal for a shelf, window sill or any place where space is tight. The Dracaena Kiwi Tips feature slender leaves with green, chartreuse, and red pinstripes for a unique statement. The right spot for a Dracaena is anyplace with medium to bright indirect light that is also in need of style.

Sago Palm for Sale

6. Palms

Palms add instant glamour to a home or office while also requiring very little care. The darling Ponytail Palm has wispy leaves that curl around the trunk. The fronds of the Parlor Palm feature thin leaves spread apart on the branch, but the sheer number of branches creates a very full and robust bouquet of greenery.

The secret behind growing a healthy palm is to interfere as little as possible. The Sago Palm which definitely has some warm weather vibes makes this easy with its prickly exterior. However, what the Sago Palm lacks in congeniality it makes up for in style. Palms thrive in medium to bright indirect light, making them very adaptable.

Aglaonema for Sale

7. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

It's easy to be festive well into the New Year when you look at the glossy and brightly colored leaves of the Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen. These indoor plants bring varying shades of green, silver, and white, as well as mottled pinks and reds into your loved one's space to add lush pops of color. The patterned leaves range in size and shape from thin and narrow to elliptical and even broad and wide depending on the species.

The Chinese Evergreen is more than just a pretty plant though, it is a pretty plant that requires very little care. These adaptable plants do best in low light environments. Some Chinese Evergreen can even handle fluorescent lighting and other types of interior lighting, making them a great option to adorn tabletops and corners that may not receive a lot of natural light.

Silver Pothos for Sale

8. Pothos

Heart-shaped leaves are the trademark of the graceful vining Pothos and they let your gift recipient know just how you feel about them without also saddling them with a lot of plant care and maintenance. The low-light loving Pothos require somewhat regular waterings, but let the soil completely dry out between waterings.

Place a pothos on a high shelf so the vines can drape and create a curtain of greenery. Regular pruning can keep the leaves dense, but skip the pruning if you want these plants to spread out and send their vines reaching and exploring. Pothos can bring some color into a home or office, so be ready to select your bestie's favorite color. Pothos Silver Satin features green leaves with large sections of silver, while the Marble Queen boasts white and green variegation and the leaves of the Pothos Golden have bursts of golden yellow running through them. You can go full green with the Jade Pothos.

Gift Giving Made Easy

Indoor plants make thoughtful gifts. Houseplants can bring style, character and lush greenery into any space. The right plant can set the tone for a room and help establish the look. Plants also require significantly less care than say, a puppy. Get more gift plant ideas to find the right indoor plants for all of your loved ones.

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