8 Transformative Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Incorporate Something Large

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, adding a select, large-scale piece of furniture or decor to a small space can create a sense of contrast, helping disguise minimal square footage.

Small Scale Furniture

On the other end of the design spectrum, small-scale furniture, like armchairs, sofas, or desks, helps create a functional space with all your daily requirements.


Throw rugs help define an area from the ground up by drawing your eye towards the floor, establishing a focal point. Furniture and accessories can be placed around the small rug, pulling your eyes away from the walls.

Hanging Plants

Hanging indoor plants effectively creates an illusion of height and softens hard lines. Incorporate vines like Golden Pothos, Heart Leaf Philodendron, or Chain of Hearts to help draw the eye vertically.

Pops of color

Adding colorful elements into sized-challenged spaces makes drab white walls disappear and helps buy some time before you take the plunge and paint on some color!

Colorful Walls

White walls do not always make a space feel larger. The starkness of colorless surface area can make a small room seem lifeless and vast. Use bold colors or moody dark hues to give your space personality and charm.

Reflect with mirrors

The old trick of using mirrors to make a space look larger still stands true, but be careful with the placement. Avoid reflecting narrow spaces, as this can elicit a claustrophobic effect. Aim to reflect light or open spaces, creating the illusion of a larger footprint.

Make it Cozy and Fun!

Let's remember to incorporate heirlooms, travel trinkets, or sentimental objects that warm our hearts. Character and personality go a long way when designing small spaces. We live, work, and sometimes help others create small spaces, and it's more than okay to add a little humor, love, and whimsy that reflect who we are.

Size aside, think about how you use your small space and make it comfortable and efficient for you and your needs while simultaneously using some design tricks to make the most of your precious small space!

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