A Step by Step Guide to Unboxing Your New Indoor Plant

Yippee! Your plants have arrived, and you can hardly wait to open the box and see your new houseplants, but before you rip open the package, there are a few things to consider, or have on hand before the unboxing begins.

Materials you may Need to Open Your Box

  • Box opener
  • Scissors
  • saucers, or tray for plants in grow pots
  • hand broom and dust-pan
  • damp hand towel and a watering can
  • recycling bin

Get Ready to Open Your Package

Once you have brought your package inside from potential heat and cold weather, it is recommended to open the box in an area that is free of rugs or carpets as there could be loose soil in the box that became dislodged during shipping.

Make sure the box is in the correct position (arrows facing up) before you open the box! For top opening boxes, pull the smaller plants out carefully by the paper sleeve. For larger, heavier plants, you might have to open the bottom of the box and slide the box up so the plant stays on the ground. This is where it’s possible that some soil might spill out, so make sure you are on a surface that is easy to clean! You can put any soil that was dislodged during transit back into the pot if possible. If you have lost an excessive amount of soil, contact us!

Unboxing Planterina Plants

Release your Plants!

Untie the string that holds the paper sleeve in place. If you cannot untie it then use scissors. Consider keeping the sisal cord for staking your plants in the future!

Remove the paper sleeve – you can push the plant out without ripping it in order to keep the paper sleeve for future use (they are great for transporting plants!) This is also another time when soil can escape, so remove the sleeve with this in mind and have your hand broom and dust bin close by. If you have ordered a cactus please be very careful removing the paper sleeve as well as handling the plant once you remove it from the box/sleeve. We advise you to wear gloves when moving or transplanting these indoor plants!

Remove the bamboo stakes and save for future use!

Remove the care cards and save for future reference. For more detailed plant care visit our extensive plant care section on planterina.com

Remove the shredded paper, shredded wood, or coco coir collar that is used to secure the soil during shipping. Sometimes we use sisal twine to secure the plants to the pots. Cut the cord and slowly slide the cord from the foliage.

If you have purchased potted plants in ceramic pots, the pots will be wrapped in waffle paper. Unwind the paper and gently remove the ceramic pot. Your plant should fit perfectly inside the ceramic pot!

Primping and Pampering

Give your new plants a good once over!

Clean any leaves that might have accumulated dust along its journey. Take a damp hand towel and gently wipe off any soil and make sure you clean the undersides of the leaves if necessary.

Remove any leaves that might have been slightly damaged during shipping. If you see any problems with your plants beyond a few damaged, leaves, now is the time to take photos and contact our customer support team to help resolve any issues!

Check the soil. If the soil is moist then it is not necessary to water your plant. If the soil is dry then immediately water your plants by thoroughly watering the soil until the entire soil base is saturated. Make sure to drain all the excess water from the pot before either placing in the ceramic cover pot or on a saucer or tray. Learn more about how and when to water your indoor plants!

Now your plant needs a little rest, and it is best to place it in an area that receives at least 5 hours of indirect sunlight a day. If your plants are high-light loving plants, then place them in a spot that receives more than 6 hours of indirect sunlight a day! Low-light tolerant plants still need access to at least 4 hours of indirect light a day! Because your plants were in a box for a few days, some leaves might not be as green as depicted on the product page. This is especially true for new tender growth. When you give your plants access to the light you will help them green up! There are times when the new growth might not make the journey, but do not worry! Soon your plant will develop more new leaves once it is established.

Helpful Care Tips you Need to Know

  • Place your plant near a window or an opening that receives at least five hours of indirect sunlight a day.
  • Keep your houseplants out of the direct rays of the sun.
  • Good air circulation helps keeps your plant free of fungus and disease.
  • Keep your plants away from drafty windows, doors, and heat vents.
  • Extreme temperature changes are not good for houseplants.
  • Some plants are toxic, so keep these types of plants away from children and pets (see our pet friendly plant selection).
  • Give your plant space to grow.
  • Place your plants where you will enjoy and not forget about them!

Keep it Beautiful

Luckily, your plants do not need much care, but it is a great idea to read up on the minimal required maintenance for your indoor plant! Visit our plant care section to learn how to care for your houseplant! We hope you enjoy your new plants and they bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your home!

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