Add a Dash of Humidity

Many indoor plants thrive in humid environments, but there is no need for a clunky humidifier with these beautiful DIY humidity trays. We found this cool-looking fire glass and decorative metal trays online, but you can use anything that doesn’t absorb water—i.e. shells, pebbles, or decorative stones.

No need to change the water, either! It will evaporate naturally.  Just replenish weekly!

Humidity tray for tropical indoor plants

Materials List:

  • Metal, ceramic, or plastic serving trays that are watertight and have a lip at least 2” high
  • Fire Glass, River stones, pebbles, shells, ceramic tiles, or anything that is water-resistant and can support the weight of your plants


  • Lay your loose materials inside the tray leaving room for the water to fill in the gaps but use enough material so that the bottom of the tray is covered. The materials should be able to support the weight of the plants.
  • Fill the tray with water
  • Place your humidity-loving plants, like calathea, ferns, and ficus on top of the loose materials. (If you are placing ceramic pots with no drainage holes, you do not have to use any loose materials, as no water will be able to saturate the soil. If you are placing plants that are in pots with drainage holes, you must use the loose material to prevent root rot.)
  • Refill the tray once the water has evaporated.


It is that easy! Your plants will love the evaporating moisture and they will look like a million bucks to boot!

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