Create a Relaxing Tropical Vacation at Home with Indoor Plants!

If you find you’re overworked, tired from trying to catch up with the piles of endless chores, running around to work events or dinner parties, then you may need to take yourself out of the loop for a weekend. Of course, an idyllic tropical getaway would be a perfect way to relax and recharge, but if that is not an option, why not use indoor plants to turn your home into a relaxing tropical retreat?

Bathroom indoor plants

Lose the Electronics

Technology brings so much into your life, but always being connected and available can certainly take a toll. So, ditch the electronics and treat yourself to some screen-free relaxation time. Deck out your bathroom with some of your plants, and set up oil diffusers smelling of rich soil to create an earthy rainforest-inspired atmosphere. Now you are ready to enjoy a warm bath surrounded by lush foliage.  Let the humidity soak into your skin. Relax and enjoy the moment by meditating or reading that unfinished book that has been sitting on your night table. The greenery will help set the tone and create a calming space to let the stress melt away.

Get Outside

If you live in warmer climates, get outside, and surround yourself with nature. If you don’t have a garden, then make one!  A container garden is a great way to fill a small space like a balcony or soften the look and feel of a concrete patio. You can make your garden whatever you want it to be:  fill it with your favorite flowering plants, lush greenery, or vegetables, and herbs. Get out and feel the foliage, breathe in the fresh air, take a nap in a hammock under a tree, and just experience the calm, joy, and peace nature brings.

Explore Nature

If you don’t have a yard or garden, then take advantage of nature nearby.  Green spaces can be found everywhere: from nature preserves to pocket parks!   Just relax, or take a walk during which you draw inspiration from the flowers and plants that surround you. 


Break Bread

Cover your table with tropical centerpieces like Dracaena Kiwi, Peace Lilies, Sago Palm, and Ponytail Palms.  To help the colors temporarily transport you thousands of miles away to an island villa, have fun with a loved one preparing a tropical-themed meal with fruity drinks garnished with pineapple wedges and little paper umbrellas.   


Create a Restful Sanctuary

Create a quiet sitting grotto by enclosing yourself in greenery. Place vining plants like Syngonium or Pothos on a shelf or in a hanging planter so the vines can cascade down creating a curtain of leaves. Once you are cozy, comfortable, and separated from the stressors outside, clear your mind by meditating as you breathe in the fresh air.  Enhance your tranquility by playing recordings of forest or beach sounds.  

Host a Plant Party

If you are a social creature who de-stresses by being around good friends, invite them for an indoor garden party!  You can repot plants, share cuttings of Philodendron and Pothos, make tropical foliage arrangements from Monstera leaves, or create living plant arrangements with ZZ plants and Snake Plants, all while enjoying each other’s company.  Your guests will enjoy their green creations and benefit from the opportunity to connect with friends AND nature.   

Get Away From It All

You can enjoy a much-needed break without packing your bags and spending tons of money.   Simply create the resort experience at home -- Planterina style. By simply taking advantage of your plants and nature, you will more easily unwind and escape from stress, and you will find yourself refreshed by Monday, ready to tackle the week that lies ahead.   

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