DIY Air Plant and Orchid Power Tower

Air plants and orchids displayed are glorious, but have you ever wanted to create a huge statement piece full of color and texture? Learn how to make a power tower with wood, moss, orchids, and air plants!

Find a tall base, or make one!

If you spend your weekends browsing flea markets or pursuing consignment shops, keep your eyes open for pedestal table bases, display bases, or narrow wooden boxes. Remember that you will be watering your plants frequently, so think of your base as an ephemeral support that may last for years but will decay over time. Try to find something no-so-precious as your base, as it will be covered with plants and may disappear one day!


Moss, Orchid, Air Plant Pole DIY


Gather your gear

You will need a few items to create your vertical plant pole, and it's best to have everything you need beside you when you start your project. 

Tall, Wood Support


Orchids, Air Plants, and Sheet Moss (These plants do not require soil to live, making them ideal for this DIY!) Determine how many plants you need by measuring the surface area of the pole. If you are short a few plants, cover the pole with moss.


Staple Gun and 20 Gauge Wire 


Moss, Orchid, Air Plant Pole DIY


Get stacking!


Start by attaching the orchids to the pole with wire. 

Gently flatten the root ball of the orchids by removing some of the moss, and attach the orchids by the root ball to the pole. (leave enough room between the orchids to attach the moss and air plants later.)


It's Time for the Moss


Grab a sheet of moss and your staple gun, and start adding the moss to any exposed areas on the pole. Next, lay the moss over the roots of the orchids and attach it with wire. You will see some exposed wire, but you can tuck more moss in to hide it.


Moss, Orchid, Air Plant Pole DIY


Top it off with Air Plants!


Pepper in the air plants to add contrast and interest to your Power Tower! Carefully thread the wire through the spaces between the leaves and gently wrap the wire around the pole. An alternative way to attach the air plants is to use screws partially screwed into the wood and attach wire loops to them. Ensure you do this before attaching the orchids to save yourself from damaging the plants!


Moss, Orchid, Air Plant Pole DIY


Stand back and Admire your Work


Now you can be proud that you created a tower of living color, and the only thing left to do is to water it to keep it alive! If you plan to keep your tower indoors, place it on a saucer or decorative container to capture excess water. Mist it often to maintain the health of the plants. If the great outdoors is its destination, the saucer is unnecessary. Spray with a fine mist and keep it out of the sun's direct rays. ~ Get Creative and have fun with your DIY projects!


Watch the full video on You Tube to see the entire process!


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