Fabulous DIY Preserved Foliage

Make your favorite plants into works of art by preserving the foliage in non-toxic silica gel.  Simply pour the silica over your leaf cutting in a glass pan (Calathea Medallion shown here), leave it covered for a week and voila!

We like to display ours in glass pane frames, but really any frame of your choosing with do!

Dried Indoor Plant Leaves

Materials list:

  • Leaf cuttings
  • Rectangular glass pan with air-tight cover
  • Silica gels


  • Pour about an inch thick layer of silica gels on the bottom of the glass container.
  • Place your cutting on the silica gels, and then pour another inch of silica gels over the leaf cutting. (you can layer more cuttings into the container by repeating the process until you have filled the container).
  • Tightly seal the container and place it in a dry locations for 5-7 days.
  • Take a peek on the 5th day, and if the foliage has completely dried out, it's time to gently remove the leaves. (be gentle as they are very fragile when dry!) (you can reuse your silica gels once they have expelled the moisture they took from the leaf cuttings!)
  • Place your dried leaves in a frame and enjoy!


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