12 Fast-Growing, Simply Gorgeous Houseplants

You may have visions of decorating your home with large, lush indoor plants. You may also be impatient and you want plants that grow quickly so your vision can come to life! The solution to this plant styling dilemma lies with fast-growing houseplants

Never fear!  There are many different indoor plants that can grow very quickly, so finding the perfect fast-growing plant to fit your style may be easier than your think. Just following these simple tips and choose from the houseplant list below!

Provide the Right Care

For fast-growing indoor plants to thrive, they need the right conditions. Pay attention to the light and water requirements for any houseplant you are bringing home, and also consider the ideal humidity.  All indoor plants need the right conditions to grow, but fast-growing houseplants will not live up to their reputation without the proper care. 

Is the Light Right?

Indoor plants that have the reputation for being "fast" growers often are thought to have the ability to elongate in any environment. The truth is that all plants need enough light to produce growth, so if your pothos, monstera, or syngonium are not growing to their expected height, consider moving them closer to a window, or supplying them with artificial light so they can do what they are programmed to do -- GROW!

Trim to Win

This next tip might sound counter-intuitive but pruning your plants actually encourages them to grow fuller and bushier! In the long run, you will have impressive looking plants that will grow healthier while maintaining their form. Every time you prune your houseplants, you are inviting them to push out new growth. It is best to prune your indoor plants right before the warmer months.

Balanced Meals

Routinely fertilizing your houseplants can also help them reach their full potential. Think about it for a moment. Your plants live in small pots, with no chance of grabbing nutrients from fallen leaves or composting detritus because they are on a table in your living room. Plants that never get fertilized never reach their full potential. Even if you are not a 5-star chef, you can serve them up s concoction of the basic nutrients they need to grow. The easiest way to fertilize your plants is to use a complete liquid or water soluble fertilizer (sold at every box store) and dilute to 1/4 the recommended strength. Add the diluted fertilizer after you have watered your plants. It is that easy!

Find Balance

Before you are tempted by a new houseplant based on its growth speed, consider other aspects of the plant.  You need to be able to provide the right conditions and be committed to caring for the plant.  Not all houseplants are pet-friendly, so if you have pets then you need to ensure the plants you bring into the space are a good fit for every member of your household.

You will also want to consider just how big the plant may get.  A cute and compact Monstera deliciosa can grow quickly, becoming a very large plant with the right conditions.  If you have enough space for it to spread out (and we mean spread out!), you are in luck with the monstera.   If your indoor plant outgrows your space you can simply cut the plant back or possibly divide the plant in order to maintain a manageable size!

Fast-Growing Houseplants

These plants are known for rapidly filling in and can help give your space a jungle feel in no time!


    1. Hi-Color Pothos  

    Hi Color Pothos

    2. Silver Satin Pothos  

    Silver Satin Pothos

    3. Philodendron brandtianum  

    Philodendron branditianum

    4. Pink Syngonium 

    Pink Syngonium

    5. Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

    Mini Monsera

    6. Tropic Maryanne Dieffenbachia

    Dieffenbachia Tropic Maryanne

    7. Spider Plant

    Spider Plant

    8. Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

    9. Hoya Tricolor

    Hoya Tricolor

    10. Philodendron Brasil

    Philodendron Brasil

    11. Chain of Hearts 'Silver Glory'

    Chain of Hearts Silver Glory

    12. Monstera deliciosa

    Monstera deliciosa

    Watching fast-growing houseplants do their thing is rewarding.  It’s also satisfying to know that you are providing the right type of care to best support your indoor plants.  

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