Dec 7, 2019

Think Past the Poinsettia! Holiday Decorating with Your Indoor Plants

I love decorating for the holidays, and like many of you, I am a traditionalist in a lot of ways. I adore colorful lights, a big tree, and my nostalgic collectibles (especially the ones that my dogs and son have not yet broken!). I usually also purchase a few Poinsettias, some pine, a few Holly branches, and some Mistletoe to add some fresh holiday scents and beauty to my home. However, this year I took a look at my vast array of easy-care houseplants and decided to try something a little different.  Wow -- I may be guilty of being a bit less traditional, but I’m definitely not sorry! Each project was incredibly easy, and my house is more festive than it has ever been!

Living Garland

Instead of purchasing evergreen garlands that will dry up in a few weeks, I  draped my Scinpapsus Pictus across my mantlepiece to give the fireplace a touch of wintery silver. My husband found some extra large pine cones behind our house that I, of course, grabbed from him to accent the leafy display. I also used some starfish that I found at the beach last summer (or are they now called sea stars? I can’t keep up with the marine biologists’ nomenclature!), and I turned them into holiday stars by simply sticking them into the top of some blue bottle-shaped vases to make miniature Christmas trees! The last step was to add to the Scindapsus Pictus (Silver Satin and Silver Pothos), some glistening blue balls and gratuitous fairy lights -- creating a frosty sparkle!

Living Holiday Ornaments

Living Christmas Tree Ornaments

Air Plants! What a difference they have made to my holiday decor this year! Adding them as tree ornaments were perfect because Air Plants are extremely small and lightweight, and they look like red, light green, and white bursting stars. If you want these living ornaments to continue thriving past the holiday season, give them a little spritz to keep them hydrated. The effect is stunning, but make sure you’re willing to regularly water these little beauties by soaking them in water for 10 minutes once a week!    

Holiday Table Centerpieces

Just as you can imagine, table centerpiece possibilities are endless, so I had a lot of fun with this! I decided to GO BIG with a tiered tree formed using my various indoor plants. I simply grabbed the cake stand that has been doing nothing but taking up space in my kitchen cabinet, filled the stand with my smaller houseplants to create a Christmas tree shape, then created the final touches by adding small ornaments and LED string lights.  

Holiday Party Favors

I love the fact the holiday season gives us an excuse to throw parties, and when I invite my friends and family for a merry get-together, I like them to leave with a little reminder of our fun time together. This year I plan to upcycle bags or cans that I have collected by stamping, painting, or embellishing them with whatever crafty materials I have leftover from my son’s last tortuous school project. By adding a little protective padding to this gift, I will give my guests something special that will grow with them throughout the new year!

Holiday Wreath

Making a wreath using my houseplants and various materials from inside and around my house was easier than I thought!  The most difficult step was finding a hoop-shaped object. I ultimately used the top of a tomato cage that my husband used to grow his tomatoes last summer.  With that accomplished, I went into my yard and found ornamental grasses and cypress boughs before returning inside to grab some long pothos and philodendron vines.  I simply wound these plants around the cage hoop, and then I added some festive touches.

Holiday Houseplant Decor    

So, have I transformed myself from a holiday traditionalist to a progressive?  Probably not. However, with a little creativity and a willingness to look for the festive potential that lies in some of my everyday belongings (including my houseplants), I did succeed in adding some stunning, new features to my annual repertoire -- features that have reduced both waste AND cost!  Now I can relax and enjoy my holiday favorites knowing that with my new additions, I have helped make this holiday season even more beautiful and special.

How do you incorporate your indoor plants into your holiday decor? If you're looking for new ways to green up your space for the holidays and beyond then check out our lineup of houseplants.

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