5 Houseplant Styling Tips for Your Space

Bringing indoor plants into your home or office is a great way to liven up your space while introducing color and texture. Figuring out how to style your plants can be a challenge. You want everything to look intentional and put together, but it should also look effortless and cohesive with the rest of your home. Find some inspiration and simple solutions for plant design to freshen up your space with these houseplant styling tips.

Let Plants Do What They Do

If you have a vining plant like a Hoya Australis let it do its thing. Place the plant near the edge of a table or bookcase so the vines have room to grow, reach and drape over the table. Routinely prune the ends to keep the vines lush and full, or skip the trimming and give the vines free rein to grow and sprawl.

If you have a small window sill or shelf with barely any space that is also completely void of style, place a Syngonium Coral or a Fern Chrissy. Tall, narrow space? Fill it with a Chinese Evergreen Tigress or a Ponytail Palm.

When selecting plants for a specific space just make sure the location and the plant are a good match. A window that gets a lot of bright sunlight may not be the right fit for the low light-loving Fern Chrissy and a cramped corner or cluttered table that doesn't give a Hoya space to stretch out will not allow the plant to do what it does best.

Hoya australis

Up Your Container Game

Containers and pots are a great way to inject some visual interest and instant style into your space. Containers can add texture and color and help set the tone. Houseplant pots come in a variety of materials, colors and styles from rustic to modern and anything else you can think of. The right houseplant pot will be something you enjoy and want to look at, but it will also tie into your home or office and look like it belongs.

Maybe you already have a pot, but you don't like it or it just does not fit in your space. Take a DIY approach to give your planters a custom look with paint or glue and anything you already have on hand.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the traditional container. If you have a vase, a jar, or really any sort of interesting container then you have a potential plant pot. Any vessel you plan to use as a planter should be able to stand up against water and moist soil. So you can still use that awesome wooden box you have laying around, just place your potted plant inside of the box.

indoor plant styling hanging plants

Go Up

Hang plants from the ceiling to add dimension and fill empty spaces in your home or office. Hanging plants are a great way to display the flowing vines of Pothos or Philodendron. Keep in mind that the plants can drape and hang down, but they can also wrap around the hanger itself and grow up, creating an interesting jungle-like look.

Plant hangers also allow you to take advantage of an area with great light that may not be ideal for a table or other pieces of furniture. Most houseplants can adapt very nicely to a hanging planter, as long as the right light requirements are met and as long as you can easily reach the planter for routine waterings. The ideal plant and hanger matchup will complement the plant and allow the branches and leaves to reach and stretch out naturally.

Plant hangers are also a great way to bring in texture and color. Plant hangers are available in a wide array of colors and materials, so select something that matches the rest of your decor or make a statement with something bold that really stands out.

The Rule of Three

The rule of three is a design principle which basically calls for items to be organized in groups of three. Two items tend to look random, four items can seem too cluttered or busy, but three is that magic number that just works. Styling items in groups of three creates visual interest and establishes a discernible pattern.

Nestle together two houseplants on a table, and place a larger plant, like a Monstera deliciosa or an established Sansevieria Black Coral on the floor, next to the table. This gives you a group of three while still giving each plant space. Or mix in coordinating items, like decor pieces that coordinate with the pot to create a group.

Start Styling

Houseplants add style all on their own, but taking the time to find the right space and the right container can really up the style factor. Find more videos about plant care and styling for tips and inspiration to turn your home into a lush, inviting and relaxing green space.


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