Oct 1, 2019

7 Indoor Plant Styling Ideas for Shelves

• Balance

Symmetry appeals to the eye. Its calming and creates a feeling of order. It’s also a formal way of designing a space. Placing two identical or similar sized indoor plants on either side of a centerpiece or creating a line of evenly spaced potted houseplants with the same form achieves a balanced effect.

• Groups

Grouping plants together in groups can lead to a few different results. If there is no rhyme or reason to the plant choices, we might be left with a jumble of textures and colors that have no relationship to your décor, or to the plant group as a whole.

Try color coordinating your houseplants to accentuate the hues of the leaves or choose one color and mix in variations within that color scheme.

Better yet, choose the same pot type for each plant to unify the look.

Vary the heights of the houseplants and create an upward thrust so your eyes can travel and take in the arrangement without confusion.

Throwing these tips aside is another option and go for the abstract approach!

• Textures

Houseplants like ferns have a penchant for adding drama to a shelf. The texture creates a primal, deep down calmness. Try grouping plants like these on shelves and allow their foliage to soften the horizontal lines of the furniture.

• Mixed media

Display unusual or complimentary objects with your shelf plants. The possibilities are endless as you get to combine your heirlooms, found objects, sculptures or books with living works of art. Mix and match, but mainly have fun exploring the multiple vignettes you can create!

• Hanging

Try to encourage your hanging plants to cascade down the shelves for a striking effect or allow them to climb upwards if possible.

• Single beauty

There are times when one plant begs for the limelight. In this case, highlighting one spectacular specimen is all it takes to take your breath away. Add dome dramatic lighting to emphasize its growing beauty.

• Miniature

Just because some plants are small doesn’t mean that they don’t deliver a powerful punch.  Clusters of miniature potted plants accentuate bathroom, bedroom or even crowded office shelves.  Just one palm sized indoor plant can turn a hard to decorate small shelf into a delightful vignette.

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