Stage Your Home with Indoor Plants!

Decorating your home with indoor plants will liven up your space and give it a feeling of comfort and relaxation.  What better way to stage your house when you are getting ready to put it on the market?  Follow these six easy tips and learn how to use houseplants to stage your home for sale.

Create a Feeling of “Home”

Houseplants make a space feel welcoming, which is precisely what you want potential buyers to experience when they first walk in!  Place houseplants near the front door to instantly create a “homey” tone and help potential buyers envision the space as their own. Also, buying a home is a stressful process.  Indoor plants can create a peaceful vibe, making a great first impression.

Draw Attention to Architectural Elements and Feature

Use houseplants to help draw the eye to specific features of a home.  Highlight a mantle, for example, by clustering a few small plants on one end. Or position a large Ficus to draw attention to high ceilings.

Buyers can be visually overwhelmed when they first walk through a home, so a few well-placed plants can help ensure they take notice of your home’s best features.  Also, plants provide a sense of scale when a potential buyer is viewing images of your home online.

Fill Empty Spaces

One of the first things people do when they stage a home is to declutter and depersonalize the space. This will help potential buyers to focus on the house itself. However, removing too many items can make the home feel empty. Use houseplants to fill an area without overwhelming the space.

Place a few plants on a kitchen table as a centerpiece, so the table does not look empty and expansive.  While you are at it, position some indoor plants on end tables or window sills!

Indoor plants are an opportunity to personalize your space--without displaying your personal items.  Swap out family photos for houseplants.  And place a large Monstera deliciosa, for example, in front of a wall previously adorned with framed photos and artwork.

Staging your Home for Sale

Make Rooms Feel Larger

Smooth the transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces by placing plants near doors that lead to a patio or outdoor area.  This creates a visual connection between the inside and outside areas and makes both spaces feel larger.

Lead the Way

Creatively displaying indoor plants throughout the home can inspire buyers and give them ideas about how to decorate the space using plants. This may seem insignificant, but getting a buyer excited about decorating may help sway their decision to make an offer!

Stage the House...Naturally

Staged homes can often feel sterile and devoid of character.  Introducing plants into the space will add color, pattern, and texture.  Select decorative pots to inject small doses of “temporary” style.

Make your home look lived-in and natural, even though it is staged by using indoor plants!

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