Keep your Plants Warm & Cozy | Winter Houseplant Care

It’s time to haul your favorite winter coats and scarves out of summer storage once again! And while you may be fashionably protected from the chill, your houseplants are going to need some extra help getting through the cold and dark days. I rely on these easy tips & tricks to protect my prized indoor plants from the chilly and daylight-challenged days ahead:

1. Know your Cold Spots

Every home has spaces that tend not to heat evenly in winter. Plants you kept in these areas during warmer months should be relocated to spaces where the temperatures does not dip below 55°. Sunrooms, corner rooms and other spaces with exterior wall exposure tend to stay colder because they not benefit from the heated interior walls.

The move may seem counterintuitive, as you could very well be moving your plants from a brightly lit area. Nevertheless, it is more important keep plants warm to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

If you find your plants are not receiving enough light, you can easily add artificial lighting. You can use a regular LED light bulb in any light fixture to provide enough supplemental lighting to keep you plants cozy during winter.

2. Get Up Close and Personal

Plants love a crowd. Before the winter chill sets in, try grouping your plants together in a well-lit, warm spot as this increases the humidity that plants need to thrive. The heat you turn on to warm up you home is actually stealing moisture from the air, leaving our indoor plants starved for humidity.

If you don’t have enough plants for a grouping, you can add a small humidifier near your houseplants, or even just a vase of water. As the water evaporates, the plants will grab the fresh moisture from the air.

3. Drafts be GONE

Older homes may have imperfectly sealed windows and doors and cold drafts can be a houseplants worst nightmare! Consider using tape or caulk to tighten up any open spaces in your windows and door frames. Not only will your plants benefit big time, but you won’t have to wear your parka inside anymore! Plus you will save money on your heating bills!

All plants require less attention during the winter, as they grow more slowly than they do during the spring and summer. Keep them warm and well lit and you will be doing them—and yourself—a big favor! And seeing your indoor plants grow larger year after year makes every effort worthwhile, don’t you think?

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