Make Your Own DIY Moss Art

We’re constantly inspired by nature, and what better way to channel that inspo than with some creative and crafty art projects!  This DIY “landscape” is made from dyed, preserved moss, but it of course takes visual cues from the landscape.

Moss Wall Art

Materials list:

  • Wood hoop, or old frame with a sturdy backing
  • Preserved Moss
  • Tree bark and other found natural materials
  • Non-toxic all-purpose glue
  • small eye hook for hanging your art


  • Coat the frame backing completely with glue ensuring that the entire surface is covered
  • Lay out your moss and other objects to the side of the frame and place the heavier pieces on the glue first.
  • Then get creative and create your own mini landscape with the vibrant colors of the mosses. Press the moss in with force, so that its surface connects with the glue.
  • Wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry. The moss might be holding mositure, and it can take longer than expected for the moss to completely adhere to the backing.
  • Screw in the eye hook to to outer frame.

Now it's time to hang your lovely moss landscape, step back and admire your creation!


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