Make Massive Monstera Prints!

You may have been to a fashion show, wedding, or a gala ball where they adorned the walls with larger-than-life monstera deliciosa leaves. Yes, the iconic ones with their trademark holes and deep lobes. You might have also been thinking -- What they might do with them after the grand event? Intercept their trip to the compost pile by being the last to leave the party and ask if you may take a few home with you because you are about to embark on a monolithic art project! Don't worry! If you have no future party plans, you can buy these cuttings from most florists in various sizes.
This project is simple and requires getting your hands a little messy, but the result is impressive and well worth the color splashes on your clothes. Remember that you can use any foliage, create any pattern, and get as creative as you like!

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  • Cut Leaves
  • Large canvas, large plywood, or heavy-duty cardboard
  • Latex or acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush and roller
  • 2 Drop cloths
  • Large flat piece of wood, cardboard, or any material you may have to help press the leaves onto the canvas evenly. (Not required, but it makes your life easier!)



  • Spread your drop cloth in an open space, away from furniture, to allow you room to work around the art piece. (5' on every side will be adequate.)
  • Roll out your canvas, or set your wood or cardboard onto the canvas.
  • Lay down your second drop cloth to use as a surface to paint the leaves.
  • Apply the first coat of paint to the canvas (The more colorful, the better!) and let it completely dry. This will stop the paint from the leaves from mixing with the base coat (Although you might like that effect!)
  • Roll, or brush paint (Use contracting colors.) onto the flattest side of the leaf, flip it over, and drop it onto the painted canvas.
  • Carefully place the board over the leaf, use your body weight, and or push with your hands all over the top of the board, making sure all parts of the leaf have made contact with the canvas. (If you do not have a board, you can use your fingers to press the paint onto the canvas.)
  • Use a rag to remove the paint from the leaf if you are going to use it multiple times.
  • Allow the paint to dry in between each stamping if you want the paint colors to stay intact.
  • Once you have finished stamping the leaves and have completed your work of art, you can either stretch the canvas on a stretcher, frame it, or hang it from the wall as is! If you opted to paint a board, simply attach a wall hanger to the back.

The design options are endless when it comes to leaf prints. Mix leaf types and add your artistic vision to create wall art that will brighten your home (and mood!).



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