Monstera Leaf Relief



Before you refresh your foliage arrangements, try creating a plaster relief of your favorite cuttings! All you need are a few items to create an instant fossil-like sculpture:

Clay, Plaster of Paris, Wax Paper, Cooking oil, Rolling Pin, Leaves or Flowers, Paint (if you want to add color)

Start by rolling out the clay to the size you desire. Make sure it is 1/2" thick and try to make it as flat as possible! Create a 1.5" lip around the slab.

Spray cooking oil on the clay. This will help the plaster separate easier!

Lay your foliage or flowers on the clay

Cover the foliage or flowers with wax paper and use the rolling pin to push the foliage into the clay.

remove the wax paper and foliage from the clay. If you are using flowers, you might need to pick out the smaller pieces with tweezers!

Mix the plaster of paris so there are no clumps, and then pour the mixture into the clay mold. Make sure the mixture is as level as possible!

Wait 20 minutes or more, turn the entire mold over and peel back the clay to reveal your plaster relief! Be gentle for this part!

If you are looking to add some color to your relief, you can paint the plaster! Consider highlighting the edges of the foliage to emphasize the shadows!

Shop Indoor Plants for Plaster Relief

These indoor plants are perfect for creating plaster reliefs!

Monstera deliciosa, Monstera adansonii, Bird of Paradise, Chain of Hearts, chinese Evergreens, philodendron, palms and Mini Monstera, to name a few!


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