Plant Pairings | Indoor Plants That are Meant to be!

We love being matchmakers, and when it comes to indoor plants, some are simply meant to be together. Meet the latest couples:

Moonshine and Del Mar

Aechmea 'Del Mar' and Sansevieria Moonshine are a match made in heaven. These like-minded low-maintenance indoor plants both refrain from over-drinking, love a brightly lit room, and enjoy the warm weather. The silvery light green leaves of Sansevieria Moonshine intensify the red and blue flowers emanating from the center of Aechmea 'Del Mar'.

Geo and Crocodile


These two may seem like an odd couple, but Geogenanthus cilitatus and Crocodile Fern bring out each others best features. The deep purple leaves of Geo create a dark canvas for the deeply textured elongated leaves of the Crocodile Fern. Both are slightly needy -- requiring high humidity -- making them a perfect pair to enjoy tropical vacations!

Vriesea and Neon

We love when a hugger connects with a stand-up, supportive type. These two very different but highly compatible houseplants draw a bridge between tenderness and toughness. Neon Pothos paints a glowing backdrop for the highly mottled, erect leaves of Flaming Sword Bromeliad. Things get hot when Vresisea splendens throws out its fiery orange bloom, creating a magical harmony with the chartreuse leaves of the Neon Pothos.

Gaia and Emerald Gem

Some plants wear their hearts on their sleeves. Luckily, Neoregelia Gaia is the protective type! Homalomena Emerald Gem displays a shower of heart-shaped leaves over the creamy-yellow serrated leaves of Gaia. These different but visually compatible indoor plants make an ordinary space extraordinary!

Spider and Snake

These strapping houseplants love to be adored, but need a little space to keep the flame alive. Spider Plant Reverse, the foundation of this relationship, gives space for Sansevieria laurentii to reach new heights providing a soft, cascading base. They look like a power couple filling the air with structure and life!

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