Mar 10, 2021

Add Some Plant Style to Your Light-Challenged Spaces!

Nothing brings warmth to a room like a live plant!  Not every room is perfectly lit for indoor plants, but we are here to show you some low-light plant styling solutions.  

Luckily, there are indeed some pretty darn gorgeous indoor plants that can thrive in less-than-perfect lighting. They will, however, require an artificial light source, or an occasional trip to a well-lighted spot to store up some energy!

The Philodendron, for example, has a remarkable ability to grow in almost any light conditions.  It's ability to thrive makes this low-light tolerant indoor plant a real superhero.  Although Philodendrons will keep their variegation longer if they receive bright indirect light (like the Philodendron Birkin shown below), they will still manage to stay fit and strong without it.  Keep in mind, it is critical that they receive artificial light for 8 hours a day if they are in a room with no windows.  Remember,  low light does not mean no light!


Philodendron Birkin

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 Prayer Plants, including Calathea, Ctenanthe, Stromanthe and Maranta bring vibrant color and texture to any area in your home. The good news is that they do not require high levels of light to grow!  They are perfect leafy additions to light-deprived corners. 

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Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) offer far more than their well-known blooms!  We love them for their graceful habit and vase-shaped form.  There are many varieties that showcase variegated leaves as well as siver-toned foliage.  Peace lilies do require any more water than other indoor plants.  Also, the darker the space the less water the plant will require.

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 If you are looking to add a "wow" factor to a low-light space then consider a Swiss Cheese Plant.  Monstera deliciosa can grow very big and before you know it, you will have a living conversation piece stealing the show, with large fenestrated leaves arching at all angles. mTo keep this champion grower in check, cut the leaves and stems below the node and place them in a decorative vase for display.  Once the roots start to grow you can plant the cuttings into a fresh pot and enjoy a brand new glorious plant!

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There are many other indoor plants that will live in less-than-perfect lighting conditions!  Chinese Evergreen, Dieffenbachia and Pothos are great examples.

Be sure to check out our Low-Light indoor plant collection for more ideas!

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