6 Indoor Plant Personality Types: Find Your Match!

Opposites may attract, but when it comes to selecting a houseplant, finding one that mirrors your personality may end up being a better match for you. An indoor plant that shares your characteristics and traits will fit right into your home and life and can even end up becoming a trusted confidant.

Think about your personality and how your friends and loved ones would describe you, then find the plant that best suits you from our list below. All of these houseplants are easy to care for, so you won’t have to rely on any intuitive connection resulting from your matching personalities.

Dracaena For Sale

1. Easy Going

Dracaena is kind of easy-going, messy in a fashionable way, and stately. These low-maintenance houseplants are about as laid back as plants can get. No worries if you happen to forget to water your Dracaena. These plants can go for long breaks between waterings. However, when you do water them remember to take it easy as Dracaena prefers light waterings.

With several varieties to choose from, you can easily find a Dracaena that completely matches your personality. The wide green leaves of the Dracaena Mass Coast come to a narrow point and feature striking yellow stripes down the center. The Janet Craig Compacta makes a great addition to an end table in need of some easy-going vibes. The green leaves will fill in a container and effortlessly add dimension and interest to your home.

Ferns for sale Indoor Plants

2. Diva

Meeting the demands of a delicate and fickle fern can take some effort, but it is so worth it when you see what these plants have to offer. Indoor ferns are all about shady areas, warm temperatures, and high humidity. Increase the humidity in the vicinity of your fern by placing the pot in a tray of water, especially during the dry winter months.

The Japanese Painted fern may seem too perfect to be real, but this plant is the real thing. The delicate and symmetrical fronds feature red stems with leaves in shades of green, silver, white, and gray which twist and twirl upwards in an ethereal fashion. The Victoria fern is a type of Birds Nest Fern that completely lives up to its regal-sounding name. The long fronds taper to a point and ripple along the edges, creating interest in an enticing way only a diva can pull off.

Ferns certainly like things to be a certain way in terms of light, temperature, and humidity, but if you take care of them they will return the favor. Air-purifying ferns can cleanse the air in your home so you can breathe easy while enjoying the stunning good looks of these delicate indoor plants.

Monstera deliciosa for sale

3. Hugger

You may not know Monstera deliciosa by name, but you've likely seen the large leaves of this tropical plant on beach towels and maybe even souvenir t-shirts from warm locales. Monstera is sometimes referred to as the swiss cheese plant due to the holes that develop in the leaves. This is completely normal and a sign of a healthy plant, but it gives the leaves a very distinctive look that immediately brings forward thoughts and memories of hot destinations and warming sunshine that feels like a hug.

Monstera is a show stopper, but it is also forgiving and sentimental. This plant needs room to spread out and grow, but it can benefit from a little support. In the wild, Monstera will grow up and along trees and nearby plants that can help hold them up. Place a small trellis near your Monstera to give the large leaves the support they need.

Indirect light is best for the Monstera plant and water when the soil is dry. Pinch off new growth and don't be too quick to move up to a larger pot in order to keep your Monstera a more manageable size.

Calathea Indoor Plant For Sale

4. Introvert

Calathea is hard to get to know, but a friend for life after the trial period. The delicate leaves of the Calathea are best suited to indirect light, warm temperatures, and higher humidity. New leaves unfurl and open up to you over time.

Many varieties mean you have a lot of options when it comes to the Calathea, and all of them offer large, dense foliage in stunning and vivid colors. The leaves of the Calathea Rosy can be deep violet or a soft blush, the Calathea Pinstripe has dark green leaves with pink stripes that almost look hand-painted. 

Pothos Indoor Plant For Sale

5. Clingy

The vines of the Pothos are always growing and reaching. They will dangle over the edges of tabletops or bookcases and they can even climb if placed near spindles or supports or anything it can get a hold of. While Pothos can be described as clingy, and let's face it - that's true, they are also supporting and encouraging. The vines are always moving forward, searching and exploring new areas.

The dense leaves and long vines create a green curtain that adds romance to any space. Pothos houseplants thrive with minimal care and indirect light.

Snake Plant Sansevieria For Sale

6. Attention Hog

The Snake Plant is strong and powerful. A leader, that brings and keeps everyone together. This plant is an attention hog and once you enter a room with a Snake Plant, you'll find it's hard to look away. While the Snake Plant is certainly a show stopper, in terms of care it is very low maintenance. Just make sure to place this plant in indirect light and don't worry if you're a few days late with water.

The tall Black Coral snake plant is attention-grabbing. The large, pointed leaves of this plant cannot help but pull you in. Although, the tiny Sansevieria Misty Star and Black Star both prove that Snake Plants can steal the show at any size.

Houseplant Squad Goals

All of these plants have unique traits that set them apart. They will bring style and color into your space and create a welcoming and inviting environment. All of these indoor plants are also low maintenance. So you can enjoy the natural beauty they bring into your space without spending a lot of time and effort caring for them.

Did you find your perfect plant match on this list? If you're still on the hunt for just the right houseplant to match your personality then check out our full rundown of available plants!


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