Run Circles Around Your Vines! DIY Hoop Trellis

Do you find yourself using "blah" plant stakes that take away from the beauty of your vining plants? There is a simple way to create a stylish and practical plant support!


Macrame hoops (buy an assorted pack with various sized hoops)

Zip ties, wire or twine

Wall hook

Milk Paint

Vininig Indoor Plant

DIY Hoop Trellis for Indoor Vines


Paint the hoops any color you choose, and let the paint dry for 24 hours

Lay the hoops in the formation you desire

Tie the hoops together with zip ties, wire, or twine

Trim the tag ends

Screw in the wall hook (or ceiling hook) and attach your hoop trellis

Gently attach a vining plant to the trellis with twine

In a matter of minutes you can create your own vine trellis, in any formation you desire!

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