The 10 Easiest Houseplants to Keep Alive.

There are easy care plants and then there are foolproof indoor plants. The difference between the two is that with foolproof houseplants, you get to be a plant slacker and still come out looking like you have a green thumb. The idea of greenifying your home might sound appealing, but you might feel nervous that you won’t be able to keep up with the care. Maybe you are looking for a green gift for a buddy and have no confidence that will live up to plant parenthood. All plants need light and water to survive, although this small group of houseplants will fill you and your friends with major indoor gardening confidence.


Let me introduce you to ten of the most compatible, open-minded, devoid of drama houseplants:


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  1. The Snake Plant!


It’s quite amazing how adaptable Sansevieria are as interior plants. These handsome, statuesque houseplants have a forgiving nature. They can adapt to almost any place in your home or office as they are not fussy about the quality of light they receive. Although they are often considered to be low light plants, they grow much faster when they have at least 5 hours of diffused sunlight a day.  They can be left alone for long periods of time because of their ability to store water in their leaves.  The biggest issue that arises with them is when people OVER water them. This causes the leaves to soften and the roots to succumb to root rot.  These indoor plants are very hard to kill (not that you are trying!) and are becoming one of the best houseplants to decorate with, or give as gifts!


  1. ZZ Plant


You want to say a mouthful? Zamioculcus zamiifolia.  It rolls right off the tongue. ZZ plants are one of those no-nonsense houseplants that can live onwards and upwards for years with very little attention from you! Less is more when it comes to watering. They can store some serious water in their leaves so let that soil dry really out between watering, like weeks depending on the temperature and light exposure. The less light a plant receives the less water it needs. Speaking of light, these houseplants can live in either low light (less than 4 hours of diffused sunlight a day) or in bright indirect light.


If you are looking for a solid, stately indoor plant to fit into your busy schedule, then this might be the perfect match for you!

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  1. Anthurium


You might be thinking, really, anthuriums are easy houseplants? The truth is that they really can handle less than perfect plant care. They can go for long periods of time without water and still stay green and upright. The risk is that you may lose the bracts (colorful modified leaves that look like the flower) but the rest of the plant will be fine. They do thrive in higher humidity and will grow much faster when getting medium to bright indirect light ( 5-8 hours of diffused sunlight a day), but they will last a very long time in less than ideal lighting.  This is in no way an invitation to abuse your houseplants, but if you are looking for a structural elegant indoor plant with style and form and you do not have bright light in your pad or office, then consider flowering or non-flowering anthurium as they bring the foliage game up to a new level without much effort.


  1. Peperomia


This might be the most underrated genus of must-have, easy-care, hard to kill indoor plants. Drop the mike.  Seriously, peperomia, obtusifolia, and clusifoia have hardy yet beautifully formed leaves. Their best quality is that they can go weeks and weeks without water, depending on the time of year and temperature. There are some more difficult peperomias to care for, like the Watermelon Peperomia and the Ruby Cascade, but once you have mastered the art of underwatering, you can venture out and start collecting these varieties! These indoor plants require at least 6 hours of diffused sunlight to maintain their full figure, but they will tolerate lower light levels, although they will tend to become leggy and thin.

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  1. Dracaena


I have never met a dracaena that I didn’t love.  They have form and grace that make them stand out from the houseplant crowd. Their spike-like foliage creates a circular starburst that radiates life into your room!  Dracaena marginata and massengeana are two species that are essential for interior plant styling because of their height and ease of care. They do best in medium to bright indirect light and are sensitive to tap water with high salts and minerals. In order to keep those leaf tips from browning out, try to use filtered water.  If you are not a perfectionist, then simply take a few steps back so the imperfections are not as noticeable!

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  1. Pothos


If you want to bring out your inner animal then look no further. Epipremnum and Scindapsus and all their accompanying species will fill your home with that jungle vibe without the worry of constant plant care!  These vining houseplants are fast growers that can adapt to just about any corner of your home, as long as it receives some light. They are considered low light plants by some, but they will grow best and faster given more than 4 hours of dappled light a day.  The key to Pothos success is to let the soil dry out completely between watering. This means that as soon as you discover that the soil is dry, completely and thoroughly soak the soil. The frequency of watering depends on the environment the plant is in. After some time you will know, by sight, when your Pothos need watering because their leaves will start to wilt.


  1. Philodendrons

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If you are a fan of vines that don’t take up your time, then ease into houseplant life with vining Philodendrons.  Trailing Philodendrons are very similar to Epipremnum and Scindapsus in that they both are vigorous growers, love to climb and dangle their long runners over table edges. Philodendron cordatum, Lemon Lime, and Brasil all love to have a slight rest between watering.  They grow best in medium to bright indirect light. When these types of vining houseplants start growing quickly, you can cut them back halfway up their vines to encourage a fuller, bushier plant.  Be sure to stick the cuttings in water if you want a centerpiece for your table, and if you change the water once a week, you will have rooted cuttings to plant in soil in only a few weeks!

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  1. Hoya


Hoyas aka wax flower, wax plant, are known for their showy flowers, but lately, they have grown in popularity because they are easy to keep alive and flourishing under the right conditions. Hoya love the light. Bright indirect light is what turns them on, oh yeah, and bring on the heat.  They can be slow growers if they are in a space that is too dimly lit, so bring these fabulous vines closer to your windows! Once you have found a perfect spot for them you will see them flourish. They will bloom when they are slightly rootbound, so don’t feel the need to repot your hoyas right away! Hoyas like, Hoya carnosa compacta, Hoya australis, Hoya pubicalyx, Hoya linearis, and Hoya kentiana to name a few will give your brightly lit areas that touch of green that only a wax plant can do!

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  1. Montsera


Just because a houseplant is big and beautiful does not mean that it is high maintenance. Although Monstera deliciosa starts out somewhat small, they develop into mammoth green beasts. They sprout out thick green stems adorned with prehistoric-looking perforated leaves. There is no need to fear this houseplant because it's as easy to care for as any of the others on this list! They love to have their soil dry out between watering (remember to water all of your houseplants less during the cold months when they are not growing) and they can live in about any light you give them, as long as they have at least 4 hours of indirect sunlight a day they will be fine!

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  1. Ponytail Palm


This indoor plant is a real sport, and it takes no offense being ignored. The Beaucarnea recurvataakaPonytail Palms has a bulbous base that stores ample water so you don’t have to stress out about getting home from vacation quickly to tend to them. They love bright indirect light and can tolerate colder home temperatures to boot!  This indoor plant has a playful look and adds a striking contrast to indoor plants that have heart-shaped or rounded leaves.


Greenify Your Space


These plants are a great start because they are a bit more forgiving, but they still create lush green spaces in your home and make it look like you know what you’re doing. As you become more familiar with the types of plants you bring into your space and get into the habit of caring for them, you will begin to understand what each plant needs. Eventually, caring for your indoor plants will be easy and you will be able to branch out to different types and varieties of houseplants.


These are just some of the easiest houseplants to keep alive. Find others and learn more plant care tips to create an inviting green space in your home.


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