The Hottest Houseplants This Season

Predicting trends may seem gauche, but these irresistible indoor plants are (and we think will be) hot picks for this season. From furry foliage to mounding heaps of silvery leaves, discover our picks for your must-have indoor plants this season!

Indoor Plants with Large Leaves 

Lush & Large Leaves

Plants with massive leaves are a go-to element for designers. Large, billowy foliage creates a bold yet soft effect that inanimate objects cannot. One Large-leaved plant can transform a living room, patio, or bedroom into a calm and inviting oasis. This season Elephant Ears are topping the trend charts with their wavy, seductive hefty foliage.
Alocasia like Regal Shield, Black Stem, Borneo Giant, and Tyrion grow big and tall during the summer, indoors or out! 

Indoor Plants with Silver Leaves

Silver Foliage

Add a frosty touch to your hot summer colors with these cool-hued indoor plants. Their metallic-like leaves reflect the light with an iridescent twist making them simply irresistible.
Air plants, Peperomia Little Toscany, Peperomia Frost, Philodendron Silver Sword, Alocasia Silver Dragon, and Sansevieria Moonshine all share the same precious glow. With light, water, and love, these trending indoor plants will shimmy and shake their way into your heart.
  Colorful Indoor Plants

Colors That POP

We feel bold colors are always in style, and we love bromeliads because they get the job done quickly and without fuss! These colorful houseplants turn a drab space into a vibrant garden room, and you don’t need much to make an impact. Flaming Sword Bromeliad, Scarlet Star Bromeliad, Neoregelia Green Apple, Seduction, Maria, Milagro, and Super Fireball all punch up any brightly lit space with daring colors.

Indoor Vines

Vines for Days

Creating an indoor jungle with minimal care and maximum impact is the new mindset, and finding space-saving, low-maintenance indoor plants are the key. Long vines that hang from their pots can be placed on shelves, suspended from ceilings and walls, displaying a drapery of colors that bring life into your home. Hanging plants also free up surface areas leaving you with plenty of space to entertain, meditate, or get creative.
Pothos Cebe Blue, Heartleaf Philodendron, Hoyas, Monstera Peru, and Chain of Hearts are the easiest indoor vines to grow! Let them get long and lush, or grow them on a trellis or stake if you lack shelves, or are not a fan of drilling holes in your walls or ceilings.

Rare Indoor Plants

Beautiful Oddities

Welcome to the funhouse greenhouse! These quirky houseplants make us appreciate the not-so-serious side of life. Trend or no trend, you can’t help respecting Mother Nature’s sense of daring style. Ant plants, Geogenanthus, Pineapples, Mistletoe Cactus, and Shingle Plants all possess a unique sense of self, growing their way to becoming the next “it” plants!

Flowering Indoor Plants

Flower Power

The houseplant trend is rising, but we are seeing greater interest in adding flowering plants to the mix. If you have sunny spaces, incorporating bright blooms into your home (if you have sunny rooms) makes your space feel a little more fashionable and festive.
Go for the gold and plant Anthurium, Mandevilla, Diplodenia, and Orchids together to create an unexpected melody of colors in one container!

Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants

Hard-to-kill, Easy-to-Love

Some plants rarely give up hope that you will remember to water them! These patient and gorgeous houseplants may trend for years because they make us all feel like plant professionals without work!
ZZ Plant, Snake Plants, Bird of Paradise, Golden Pothos, Chinese Evergreen Silver Bay, Monstera deliciosa, and Cacti can survive with little care. We liken them to your go-to jeans that look amazing year after year.

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