The Unexpected Terrarium

Most objects are for specific uses, but there are no limitations to the creative mind! Take this glass wine carafe as an example. We all know it's designed to let our finest vintages breathe, but some of us see beyond its intended designation. If you are keen on creating a terrarium, try searching through your home to see what you can conjure up that will be able to hold in moisture and allow you to squeeze a few plants through the opening (clear glass is the best, so you can see your plants and they can see the light)! No matter what vessel you choose, we are happy to give you a simple run-down on how to create a terrarium! 

DIY Terrarium

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  • Pour 2" of potting soil into your vessel with a funnel. Make sure you spread the soil evenly using your chop sticks.
  • Remove your indoor plants from their nursery pots and gently squeeze the roots until they are narrow enough to fit through the opening of your vessel (soon to be a terrarium)
  • Gently push the plant through the opening with chop sticks and slide the plant into the loose soil on the bottom of the terrarium. Make sure that the roots are covered completely with soil!
  • Continue to add more plants until you have filled the bottom of your terrarium.
  • Use long tweezers to shift around your terrarium plants until you are pleased with your work!
  • Fill your mister/sprayer with fresh water and coat your new plantings with water. Do not pour water directly into the terrarium, as the terrarium will retain moisture for longer periods and too much water will cause the roots to rot!
  • You can put a lid on your terrarium, but if you use a bottle or vase with a narrow opening, it is not necessary to enclose the terrarium!
    DIY Terrarium




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