Turn a Hanging Basket into a Summery Food Cover

Wire hanging basket forms are MADE for becoming funky food protectors by virtue of their dome shape and size! Food covers are essential for alfresco dining; you can decorate them in any style that fits your dining mood. You will need a few essential items to create your protective dome, and remember to use this creative time to relax and enjoy the process.

Food Cover DIY


  • Hanging Basket Wire Frame

  • Aluminum Window Screen Mesh

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Jute Thread or Thick Thread

  • Yarn

  • Needles with Large Eyes

  • Wire Cutters and Needle Nose Pliers

  • Fun Fabric (You can make your own shapes or designs!)

  • Gloves and Safety Glass (Use when handling the aluminum mesh)


  • Put on your gloves and safety glasses and cut a square piece of wire mesh large enough to cover the wire hanging basket frame.

  • Lay the wire mesh over the frame, turn them over, and begin to fold the wire mesh over the edges of the frame. Be sure to pull from opposite sides to ensure the wire mesh is evenly flat and takes the form of the dome.

  • Sew the wire mesh to the frame along the edges and trim the excess mesh.

  • Use the wire hanger to make the handle for the food cover. Use your wire cutters and cut a section of wire long enough to create a handle. Bend the wire into a U shape, gently push the wire through the mesh on the top portion of the dome, and carefully bend the wire around the hanging basket frame so the handle is firm. (You can use twine to help secure the handle and avoid making holes in the wire mesh!). Wrap the handle with a jute cord, rope, or anything durable. Tie the ends of the cord together on the inside of the dome.

  • Cut out the shapes from the fabric or create your own decorations! You can make little bees, butterflies, leaves, flowers, or anything you crave!

  • Create your pattern on the dome. It is helpful to add a little glue to the back of your decorations so they can stay in place while creating your design. Once you have laid everything out, start sewing them to the mesh. You can tie off the loose cords inside the dome, as no one will be looking there!

You can add pompoms, dried flowers, or anything else to give your food cover even more character and whimsy for your summer barbecues! Bon appetite!


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