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Houseplant Unboxing | Out of the Box

So, you just bought your new indoor plant! Now what? Let's walk through this together...

First, make sure that your plant is not left in the cold too long when it arrives. Immediately bring it inside, and make sure you open the TOP of the box. Gently slide the plant out of the box and remove the support stakes. Put the stakes aside for use when the plant gets bigger and needs support.

Next, carefully remove the tape or twine from the top of your plant container.  The tape or twine should have prevented the soil from scattering inside the box during shipping. However, if some soil escaped into the box simply return the soil to your plant container.  Please reuse the twine for future use, like staking up your vining plants!  In addition, use the protective sleeve to place your plant on when removing the shredded paper to help capture any loose soil.  It is almost impossible to prevent soil from escaping the pot during shipping so please carefully remove the plant in an area where its easy to clean it up.

Now, inspect your new houseplant.  Make sure the leaves are healthy and the plant is not damaged.  Varying shipping temperatures may cause some plants to arrive with slightly wilted leaves.  Don't worry if this happens -- these leaves will bounce right back after some fresh air and a good drink of water.  If you believe that the plant did not survive the trip, please email us a photo of the plant, and we will contact you.

Finally, check the soil. If the soil is dry, water it immediately.  It is best to use water that is free of chemicals!  If the soil is still wet, or moist, do not water -- wait until the soil is partially dry. 

If you purchased a potted plant with a cover pot (Cachepot), simply remove the grow pot from the cover pot and water the grow pot thoroughly in your sink.  When the water seeps from the drainage holes at the bottom, this will indicate it is time to stop watering.  Once the water has drained, place the plant back in the cover pot! It's that easy!

If you purchased a plant that was potted in a terra cotta pot, then set the plant either on the included saucer, or bring the pot over to the sink and water thoroughly until you see the water seeping out of the draining hole on the bottom of the pot.  If you water the plant while it's sitting on the saucer, be sure to pour the excess water out of the saucer before placing the plant back on top.  Be aware that terra cotta is a porous material and water will be absorbed in the pot and saucer. It is recommended to place the potted plant and saucer on non-porous surfaces.

Where do I put my plant?

This will depend on what type of plant you purchased.  In general, after watering, you should place your new plant in an area with medium to bright indirect sunlight. This will give it a good dose of energy after having spent a few days in a box.  You might need to relocate your plant a few times to find the best place for it.  Here are a few tip to get you started:

Place your plant near a window or an opening that receives at least five hours of indirect sunlight a day.

Keep your houseplants out of the direct rays of the sun.

Good air circulation helps keeps your plant free of fungus and disease.

Keep your plants away from drafty windows, doors, and heat vents.

Extreme temperature changes are not good for houseplants.

Some plants are toxic, so keep these types of plants away from children and pets (see our pet friendly plant selection).

Give your plant space to grow.

Place your plants where you will enjoy and not forget about them!

There are exceptions, of course. Therefore, see our complete houseplant care guide

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