White Flowering Anthurium

A Beginner's Guide to White Anthurium Care | All you Need to Grow!

Family: Araceae
Common Name: Flamingo Flower, Tail Flower, Painted Tongue Plant
Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum

The Anthurium White is a classic and elegant houseplant that is as easy to care for as it is beautiful to look at. This tropical stunner does very well with minimal care, making it a great houseplant for beginners or really anyone who doesn't want a big commitment. 

Given proper care, anthurium can bloom for several months and may even bloom multiple times throughout the year. 


Anthurium requires bright indirect light and lots of it. This houseplant prefers a full day of light, so it does best in very sunny spots. Anthurium can handle lower light, but the leaves may not grow as quickly and as large and the plant may not bloom if it does not receive enough light.

Avoid placing an Anthurium in areas with direct light which can damage the leaves.


Anthurium houseplants are tropical plants, so they like water, but they also like to dry out a bit between drinks. Allow the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry out before you water an Anthurium. When it is time to water, let the water drain all the way through and empty the cache pot or catch tray, so the plant is not sitting in standing water.


Anthurium is adaptable, so it can handle a range of temperatures, and generally, comfortable room temperature is good for this easy-care plant. However, this plant tends to do better when it is placed in warmer temperatures between 70-90 degrees. If you want to promote blooming, make sure the plant is kept warm. If you use air conditioning during the summer, then you may want to move this plant to an area that is not climate controlled. 


The Anthurium feels right at home with high levels of humidity. Extra dampness in the air will promote blooming and help the plant retain its flowers for as long as possible. Humidity between 50-60% is plenty.


Plants grown indoors sometimes need a boost of nutrition to help them thrive and the Anthurium is such a plant. Fertilizing your Anthurium once a month during the spring and summer will help the plant grow and flower. A ¼-strength complete liquid fertilizer is a good choice. Or, use a fertilizer high in phosphorus if you want to encourage the plant to bloom.

Take a break from fertilizing your Anthurium during the fall and winter.

Growth Rate

These indoor plants are medium growers with their maximum height reaching around 2-3' and equally as wide with the proper care and environmental factors!

Pet Friend or Foe

Anthuriums are toxic to pets! Foe

Pro Tips

  1. Remove spent flowers and leaves. This enables the plant to focus its energy on new growth.
  2. Anthuriums require high humidity and warm temperatures to thrive, but these conditions can be conducive to mold and bacteria. Make sure the plant receives plenty of sunlight and routinely clean the plant either using a damp cloth or spraying the plant with horticultural oil.
  3. Let Anthuriums rest or go dormant during the winter for at least 6 weeks. Place the plant in an area that receives medium indirect light and let the soil dry out more, but not completely, between watering. This dormant period will allow the plant to come back rested and ready in the spring.

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