Dracaena Art Carmen Bush

A Beginner's Guide to Dracaena Art Carmen Bush Plant Care | All you Need to Grow

Family: Asparagaceae
Common Name: ‘Art Carmen’ Corn Plant
Botanical Name: Dracaena Art Carmen (Dracaena deremensis)  

Do you need more drama in your life? You know, the good kind! Slide a Dracaena Art Carmen Bush into your living room and see how dramatic your space feels! Dracaena Art Carmen Bush is a relatively easy plant to care for and is ideal for indoor environments. It prefers well-draining soil, so water regularly but not excessively. The plant requires bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate lower light levels. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the plant's foliage. Dracaena Art Carmen Bush prefers warm and humid conditions, with temperatures ranging between 60-80°F.

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As it thrives most in filtered, bright, indirect light, keep your Dracaena Art Carmen Bush out of any direct light. Direct sunlight exposure can damage the leaves (unless the plant was originally grown in the direct sun).


Dracaena Art Carmen Bush plants don’t need to be watered very often. Although you should be watering it once a week and mist the leaves of the plant often. Wait for the plant to dry out between waterings and avoid overwatering. This is especially important to note for the winter season when you should be reducing the frequency of how often you are watering this plant.


Nutrient-rich potting soil that is loose and drains well, but still allows for moisture to reach the roots for a few days, is essential for your Dracaena Art Carmen Bush. Most pre-mixed soils will suffice. Make sure that there is plenty of organic matter, like coco-coir, peat moss, or shredded leaves, and avoid soils that contain moisture retaining crystals. If your soil drains too quickly, we recommend re-potting your plant into a compost-rich soil mixture with fewer drainage materials. 


The ideal temperatures for a Dracaena Art Carmen Bush are those above 65°F (18°C). Sudden coldness can damage the leaves, so ensure you keep it away from drafty doors and windows during the colder months.


Dracaena Art Carmen Bush plants benefit from higher humidity levels during summer, or when they are in heated, forced-air environments. Brown and brittle leaf tips are the tell-tale sign that your plant is suffering from humidity deficiency. Set your Dragon Tree in an area that is naturally humid or use a humidifier or a pebble tray with water to create the ideal environment. 


It’s not necessary to fertilize your Dracaena Art Carmen Bush, but it will benefit from you feeding it once a month during the growing season with a ¼ diluted complete liquid fertilizer or fish emulsion. You can also top-dress the plant at the start of the growing season with a rich, organic compost scratched into the top few inches of the soil.

Growth Rate

Typically, Dracaena Art Carmen Bush plants grow at a moderate pace when given the correct care, this plant can grow up to 2 to 10 feet indoors. Remember, growing your plant outdoors may increase the chances of your plant growing even taller.

Pet Friend or Foe

Dracaena Art Carmen Bush plants are generally toxic to pets! Foe! 

Pro Tips

  1. Prune your Dracaena Art Carmen Bush often to encourage new growth!
  2. Repot your plant when it becomes root bound. This is usually every 2-3 years.
  3. You can propagate your plant through stem cuttings.
  4. Rotate your plant periodically, so your plant receives the right amount of light.

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