Rubber Tree Sofia

A Beginner's Guide to Rubber Tree Sofia Plant Care | All you Need to Grow

Family: Moraceae     
Common Name:  Ficus Sofia, Sofie
Botanical Name: ficus elastica ‘Sofia’

Ficus Sofia -- or ''Sofie" if you prefer -- has a glimmer that won't stop! Its gloriously smooth and reflective leaves emerge with the most alluring emerald green coloration, and as the leaves (and plant) mature, the color will lean towards a deep forest green. We recommend cleaning Ficus Sofia's leaves every few weeks to keep them healthy and vibrant! This plant is extremely low-maintenance as it is drought-tolerant and very hardy. Ficus Sofia’s are able to get very large in size as well – reaching a mature height of 50 feet (or even more!)

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Ficus Sofia plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight for many hours during the daytime. However, it will tolerate moderate indirect sunlight, as well. Your plant should not be exposed to any shaded areas. Rotating your plant can help it grow evenly, while also ensuring that it is not leaning near the light source.


It is best to underwater your Ficus Sofia because overwatering it causes yellowing leaves and root rot. It is suggested that you are watering your plant every 7 to 10 days. However, make sure you observed the soi moisture prior to watering it. This will help with not overwatering or underwatering your plant. During the growing season, water your plant thoroughly once the top inches of soil are dry.


Ficus Sofia prefer well-draining soil. Root rot can occur when there are waterlogged conditions, so avoid any waterlogged conditions! You should select a potting mix that is formulated specifically for indoor plants. The plants pH level should be in the 6.0 and 7.0 range and if needed, you can make adjustments accordingly.


Your Ficus Sofia appreciates being in temperatures that are above average. The comfortable home temperatures should be 65-80℉. Even though they are able to survive in cooler temperatures, warmer environments with plenty of air circulation are the ideal conditions!


The best humidity levels for your Ficus Sofia is above average. Medium to high to be more exact, although your plant is able to tolerated lower levels of humidity as well. We suggest you use a cool-mist humidifier to increase humidity. A typical range for indoor humidity levels is from 40% to 60%.


During the younger years of your Ficus Sofia, use a high phosphorous, water-soluble fertilizer to stimulate root development. If your plant is more mature, you should use high nitrogen, water-soluble fertilizer once a month during the growing season (spring and summer). When you are looking for the right fertilizer, make an attempt to get one that has a N-P-K ration of close to 10-10-10. Plan on fertilizing your plants once a month when it is the growing season and reduce fertilizing your plant for the fall and winter months.

Growth Rate

Your Ficus Sofia has the ability to get very large, but indoors they will reach a height of 8 feet and higher, depending on the environmental conditions. The mature height for this plant is a height of 50 feet (or even more). This plant is a moderate to fast grower, once it has established in the proper location (lots of indirect light!)

Pet Friend or Foe

Ficus Sofia plants are not pet-friendly! Foe!

Pro Tips

  1. Be aware of any pests like spider mites. If you see any, you can get rid of them with the right insecticidal soap. Keeping good air circulation surrounding the plant is also helpful when it comes to avoiding diseases.
  2. Rotate your plant every few weeks. It will benefit from this as it will receive light for all the sides.
  3. Water your plant less often during the winter time.
  4. Plan on pruning your plant regularly. It will be helpful with your plant to keep its shape and size!

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