Eugenia Care

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Family: Myrtaceae
Common Name: Bush Cherry, Magenta Cherry
Botanical Name: Eugenia myrtifolia

If you desire formality and fancy table top decor then Eugenia myrtifolia is your must-have indoor plant. To keep this well groomed houseplant looking dapper and fit there are a few basic, but required, care needs! 


Bush Cherry (Eugenia) absolutely needs bright indirect light to survive.  This sun loving indoor plant grows outside in full sun and will need at least 6 hours a day of bright indirect light to maintain its shape and health. If you love to use these decorative houseplants as dining room table-top displays and there is limited light in this location, remember to bring these light-loving indoor plants back to their brightly lit spot.


Eugenia require consistently moist soil, period. You will quickly know when the plant is not getting enough water because the leaves will start to drop. Water these plants frequently and make sure that the soil never completely dries out. 


You may need to transplant your eugenia every year or so, depending on how fast it grows. We recommend using a soil mixture that is rich in organic matter, has good drainage, and is light and loose. Most bagged potting soil will be fine, but avoid potting mixes that contain moisture retaining crystals, and they can keep the soil wet for long periods, which can cause root damage. Be adventurous and learn how to create your own universal potting soil mixture!


Average household temperatures between 65-80° F. Avoid cold drafty rooms and be sure to bring them indoors if you have kept them outdoors during the summer as they are not cold hardy plants.


Eugenia benefit from higher humidity levels indoors, but are not too picky about air moisture levels. If the leaves start to become brown along their edges, then consider running a humidifier near the plant. Both you and your plants will be thankful! 


Bush Cherry requires fertilizing while actively growing, as with most indoor plants! We recommend using a water soluble complete fertilizer that is diluted to 1/2 strength every two weeks as these indoor plants produce a lot of growth when cared for properly.

Growth Rate

These indoor plants are fast growers reaching over 5'+ indoors with proper care.

Pet Friend or Foe

These indoor plants are toxic to pets! Foe

Pro Tips

  1. Prune these gorgeous topiaries to maintain their shape, but do not remove more than 1/4 of their foliage while trimming.
  2. South and west facing windows are ideal for these sun-living houseplants!
  3. Clean their leaves every few weeks by giving them a gentle shower to help keep unwanted dust and potential pests at bay.

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