Homalomena Care

A Beginner's Plant Care Guide to Homalomena

Homalomena Care

Family: Araceae Botanical
Name: Homalomena hybrid species 
Common Name: Selby, Emerald Gem, Queen of Hearts, Shield Plant

Homalomena is not a common household name, but once the news gets out about how easy this species is to care for, that might change! The variety ‘Selby’ has remarkable mottled foliage that gently displays varying degrees of green. The leathery leaves ovate-lanceolate leaves form from the center of the plant and arch outwards, developing into a well rounded shape. This uncommon houseplant is relatively easy to care for as they are low light tolerant, but give them plenty of warmth and indirect light during the growing season so they can produce new growth. If you see the foliage starting to wilt, then its time to give it water. Overall, Homalomena is similar in growth habit as an Aglaoenma and they both have similar care requirements.

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A true understory plant, the Homalomena can tolerate lower light conditions in your home, but for optimal growth, consider placing it where it receives more indirect light during the growing season. They should be kept away from direct light as the leaves may scorch.


It is important to keep Homalomena well watered during its active growing period, but be sure to let the water drain from the pot after watering to prevent root rot. Cut way back on watering during the winter months and allow the soil to dry out partially between watering.


Temperatures between 60-90℉ are ideal, and they can withstand temps as low as 40℉. However, these tropical houseplants love warmer conditions, so the warmer, the better!


As with most tropical indoor plants, Homalomena benefit from higher humidity, but will do fine in average household air.


To encourage leaf and root development, fertilize Homalomena twice a month during the growing season with a complete liquid fertilizer at ½ the recommended Strength. Do not fertilize during the winter, or when there is no active growth.

Pro Tips

  1. Homalomena have deep roots so do not transplant into shallow containers.
  2. If the leaf edges start turning brown, then increase the humidity with a humidifier or place the plant on a tray filled with water and pebbles.

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