Senecio Care

Senecio Care

Family: Asteraceae
Common Name: String of Pearls
Botanical Name: Senecio Rowleyanus

The spherical leaves of this delicate succulent will add texture to your plant collection and make your room look as if it were adorned with hanging beads. A plant-lover’s favorite, this uniquely beautiful plant can also produce small flowers that emit a sweet, cinnamon fragrance, making this plant smell as lovely as it looks. This indoor plant is delicate, and the little pearl-like leaves will fall off when handled. Don’t worry -- there are so many of these gems, you will barely notice any are missing. This houseplant is very easy to propagate: just stick sections of the vines into soil, and mist occasionally. In no time, you will have new, beautiful baby pearls. Senecio Rowleyanus can be a bit temperamental, so make sure you find the perfect spot and consistently give these gems the attention they need. This hanging plant loves warmth and basking in indirect light, but likes cooler conditions when dormant in the winter. If given the right conditions, these succulent vines will reward you by growing longer and longer, eventually making contact with the floor. They are relatively short lived plants that are easily propagated 

Important! String of Pearls are poisonous if ingested, so be very careful if you have pets and/or small children.

string of pearls potted plant


These sweet things need lots of indirect light. It is very important to allow for the top of the plant to get light, as well. It helps dry out the soil and prevent fungus through overwatering.

Place them as close to the window as possible; they can even handle direct light, but you will be watering them more often in this setting.


Overwatering String-of-Pearls is the most common cause of decline. Because they have shallow roots, they should be kept in shallow pots and watered thoroughly ONLY when completely dry (the little pearls will start to pucker). If your plants are in terra cotta or clay pots, and/or if they are under a bright light, you will need to water your indoor plant more frequently. They will need more water during the warm months, and less during the cold months.


These guys like it hot in the summer and cool in the winter (50-55℉). The heat of the summer brings out a tremendous amount of growth; just make sure to avoid fungus and bacteria through good air circulation.


Any average household humidity level is fine for String-of-Pearls, but try to keep it at about 50% or higher.


String-of-Pearls do not need to be fertilized often because their succulent leaves help maintain its moisture. You can feed them once a month during the growing season with fish emulsion or a very diluted ¼-strength complete liquid fertilizer. You can also top dress the soil in the spring with worm castings (lightly to avoid suffocating the shallow roots) or a rich compost.

Pro Tips

  1. Resist transplanting a healthy String-of-Pearls. They have shallow roots and they can be damaged easily.
  2. Make sure the light is reaching the top of the plant.
  3. Do not overwater! If you are not sure if it is time to water, look at the pearls -- are they slightly puckered?
  4. Do not plant in a deep, large pot.. This will only hold excess moisture and promote root rot.

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