Video Exclusives

Pink Princess Philodendron Care Guide

Give your Pink Princess Philodendron the royal treatment. Learn how to care for these colorful vining indoor plants!

Master the Art of Bonsai with Ficus Ginseng

Ease into to world of beautiful bonsai with this forgiving favorite!

Poolside Party with the Ponytail Palm!

Some indoor plants really know how to get the plant party started...find out why the Ponytail Palm is the go-to plant for tropical vibes.

The Elusive Philodendron Florida Green

There's a lot to love about this vining Philodendron! Find out why we are crushing on this fabulous & rare indoor plant.

ZZ Zenzi | Life on Easy Street

Settle in with one of the best easy-care--and unique--indoor plants!  Zamioculus zamiifolia 'Zenzi' requires very little care.  It's also a show-off and will demand a prominent place on your table.

Top Plant Care Tips for Fantastic Ferns

Learn how to properly care for your indoor ferns. These indoor plants are air-purifying and excellent low-light tolerant plants!

It's all About the Birkin.

This mysterious beauty is easier to care for than you might expect Learn what makes this Philodendron grow forth and prosper!

Green up Your Space with these 5 Easy-Care, Fast-Growing Indoor Vines!

 Top 5 Indoor Plants that will Grow on You!

How to Care for a Mini Monstera

Growing a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is easier than pronouncing it!

Philodendron Care Made Easy!

How to grow a fabulous Philodendron in three simple steps. 

Calathea Care for Beginners

How to keep your Calathea Bold and Beautiful!

Essential Houseplant Advice

Three tips that will keep your new houseplants thriving!

Gift Ideas | Get Personal with our Peace Lily Trio

Meet Domino, Platinum Mist, & Sweet Chico.

The Keys to Fiddle Leaf Fig Success!

Amanda's top tips for a healthy & happy Ficus lyrata.

Why We Love Snake Plants!

"Forever" Cuttings as Living Decor!

Monstera deliciosa, Decoded.

Grow Forth and Propagate!

Tips for growing world-class Wax Vines.

3 Essential Tips for potting success!

Learn how, why and when to stake Hoya, Philodendron, Pothos and other vining plants.