Ficus Audrey

Ficus benghalensis ‘Audrey’

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Ficus Audrey

Ficus benghalensis ‘Audrey’

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The beautiful and hard-to-find Ficus Audrey is a winner on many fronts.

For starters, it is easier to care for than its famously fickle relative, the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Plus, it will tolerate lower light conditions and has a less demanding watering schedule! And most importantly, its beauty is undeniable, whether you let it grow wild into a lovely and wandering organic silhouette or keep it well-heeled in a more formal tree shape.

This indoor plant will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. It loves humidity, but keep it away from draftier areas of your home.

Each Ficus Audrey is handpicked from the greenhouse, carefully packaged, and directly shipped to you!

This plant is toxic if ingested. Keep away from pets and small children. It may also cause skin irritation.

  • Light: Bright Indirect
  • Water: Medium
  • Temperature: Average
  • Humidity: Above Average
  • Pet Friendly: No

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