Homalomena Emerald Gem

Queen of Hearts Homalomena

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  • Homalomena Emerald Gem

Homalomena Emerald Gem

Queen of Hearts Homalomena

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Oh, so lovely, is the Homalomena Emerald Gem that words cannot describe its beauty! Ok, we will at least give it a shot. This remarkable houseplant has a thing for elegance or at least looking naturally beautiful. The simple heart shaped leaves are glossy and clean, creating a mound a glimmering foliage. The only thing this radiant houseplant need from you to water it, give it indirect light and a permanent home!

Each Homalomena is hand-selected, carefully packed, and shipped to your directly from the greenhouse!  

This plant is toxic if ingested. Keep away from pets and small children.  It may also cause skin irritation.

Visit the in-depth Plant Care Guide for Homalomena Emerald Gem

  • Light: Low to Bright Indirect
  • Water: Medium to High
  • Temperature: Average
  • Humidity: Average to Above Average
  • Pet Friendly: No

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