Hoya 'Rosita'

hybrid of wayetii x tsangii

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  • Hoya Rosita Small
  • Hoya Rosita Small

Hoya 'Rosita'

hybrid of wayetii x tsangii

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The lovely Hoya Rosita is a cross between Hoya weyetii and Hoya tsangii and is undoubtedly a head-turner! This rare indoor vine loves to bath in bright indirect sunlight, and the more exposure it receives, the more vibrant the leaves become. Direct exposure to the morning sun can heighten the red and pink tones, but intense afternoon sunlight can scorch the leaves! Hoya Rosita doesn't require much care as with most hoyas. Water Rosita when the soil becomes dry, and fertilize this exquisite indoor plant when you notice new growth. Hoya Rosita makes a splash with its ephemeral yellow and red-hot flowers. Each delicate flower sits on an umbrella-like formation (umbel), with each bud popping open almost in unison. Hoyas generally bloom after 4-5 years with the proper care and environment!

Occasionally, plants may move during shipment and arrive with some soil displaced. Please remove packaging carefully, replace displaced soil, and water and drain your plant.

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  • Light: Bright Indirect
  • Water: Low to Medium
  • Temperature: Average
  • Humidity: Average
  • Pet Friendly: Yes

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