Fern Lemon Button

Nephrolepis Cordifolia'Duffii'

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Fern Lemon Button

Nephrolepis Cordifolia'Duffii'

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The always adorable Lemon Button fern is more than just cute as a “button”—it is also a pet-friendly indoor plant that requires relatively easy care.  It’s also a bit more difficult to find than other fern varieties.  

Arched foliage packed with mini, circular leaflets are the signature detail of this plant, and it adds charm and fun to any hanging basket or table top.

This indoor plant is know to give off a slight lemony scent during the growing months.

Each Fern is handpicked from the greenhouse, carefully packaged, and directly shipped to you!

  • Light: Medium Indirect
  • Water: High
  • Temperature: Average
  • Humidity: Above Average
  • Pet Friendly: Yes

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