Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata

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Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata

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Cold Weather Packaging

Our cold weather pack is designed to protect your plants during transit to you during cold temperatures.

Small Plants: 1 Cold Weather pack per 1-6 plants

Large Plants: 1 Cold Weather pack per 1-4 plant

Extra Large Plants: 1 Cold Weather pack per 1 plant

We carefully wrap the plant inside insulated material and add a heat pack.

Please bring your packages inside immediately during cold weather. We cannot guarantee that this packaging will prevent plants from freezing if left outside in temperature under 40 °F.

We cannot replace plants damaged due to cold weather that are not shipped with cold weather packaging.

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Erupting with curly green radial fireworks that are seemingly frozen in time, this almost indestructible, easy-care indoor plant adds a burst of color to any interior space. Don't be surprised if this beautiful, air-purifying houseplant quickly becomes your favorite! 

We handpick each indoor plant, package it with great care, and ship it directly to you!

  • Light: Bright Indirect
  • Water: Low
  • Temperature: Average
  • Humidity: Average
  • Pet Friendly: Yes

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