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Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix Roebelenii

Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix Roebelenii

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Close your eyes and imagine nature's version of a parasol. Now, look left (on this page). The Pygmy Date Palm is a canopy of soft fronds supported by a single earth-tone trunk (careful of its small spines!) that creates a canopy of delicate, strap-like foliage displayed in a radial formation. This slow-growing indoor palm (mature height up to 6') requires a spot with bright indirect light for most of the day, preferably near a south or west-facing window. The Phoenix robelenii (the botanical name) looks best when displayed solo, so you can appreciate its form and structure or in a clump (think -- creating your oasis!). Their care is simple. Water the soil thoroughly when dry and rotate the pot in a clock-like turn once a week to prevent the foliage from leaning towards the light source. We like our preserve our Pygmy Date Palm's curvy figure!

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  • Light: Bright Indirect
  • Water: Medium
  • Temperature: Average
  • Humidity: Above Average
  • Pet Friendly: Yes

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